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Feb. 22nd, 2007 @ 09:27 am Edge appliances/software for Exchange 2007
I'm looking for anti-malware solutions (antivirus, antispam, etc) which are 100% compatible with Exchange Server 2007.

So far I haven't found any vendors that fit my requirements. Everybody says they're completely compatible with 2003, but they simply don't say anything about 2007.

I'm interested primarily in an appliance (e.g., Barracuda's Spam Firewalls), but am also considering software solutions which go on the Exchange server itself.

Can anyone offer suggestions?

Right now I'm faced with setting up a new Exchange Server 2003 organization and then upgrading to 2007 when the anti-malware offerings become a bit more mature. I'd prefer to avoid that and go straight to 2007 if I could.

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