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Nov. 13th, 2006 @ 04:31 pm Exchange MoveMessages VisualBasic Script
Hello, everyone.

Exchange 2003 Server / ex-1 (nonDomainController)
Exchange 2003 Server / ex-2 (nonDomainController)
Domain Controller / dc-1

Users have their mailboxes both on ex-1 and ex-2. (Outlook maps two folders for each user).
Users get new mail on ex-1 server.
When message is older than 3 days it must be moved to ex-2 server.

I´m trying to write script, that moves 3-days old messages from one storage to another.
I was searching thru msdn and so on, while I´m newbie scripting such tools, I was able:
1) determine that working interfaces for me are: ADODB/WEBDAV (Thru XML/SQL query), CDOEXM and MAPI(On the server).
2) I cannot create script based on ADODB, because I don´t know neither XML nor SQL. So, if You have solution based on ADODB, I will be thankfull for an answer (because I have no solution at all for today).
3) I´m ready to learn CDO, but msdn is very pure for it and there are few working scripts, so I can practice with them. Most of them are reading WMI tree and just looking for size of messages in folders.
CHM/PDF/DJVU/HTM books/links are welcome.
4) MAPI - is very unlikely solution. I´m already can access and move objects in Folders, using script, like Outlook does, but, I must map all mailboxes in one profile to do this. And there will be trouble, when someone new appear among users in AD and Store.

If someone already has solution - I will be thankful for it.
As I sad, any ideas are welcome.

Thank You.
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